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As an active supporter of the Creative Commons I have sought to find a way to embed Creative Commons licensing metadata in all my creative works - photographs, videos, my website, etc.

Creative Commons RDFa metadata is embedded in the footer of each page of my website. This data identifies me as the creator and therefore the owner of this resource. It has a link to a Creative Commons license page describing the requirements for using any information, material or resource that originates from my site. There is also a link to a page where other permissions are noted. This provides a licensing framework that allows others to use my resources in their own creations with some restrictions.

Embedding Creative Commons license metadata

Embedded Data

Embedding Creative Commons license metadata in other file formats is supported by many software developers including Microsoft for their Office 2003/XP and 2007/2010 products, Sun Microsystems for their Open Office products (developed by the Creative Commons) and Google for much of their documentation and for some of their software tools.

Although Adobe uses Creative Commons licensing in much of their product documentation and help files, none of the Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud set of products supports embedding Creative Commons licensing 'out of the box'. However, many Adobe products support a FileInfo dialog under the File menu and it is here that all the metadata embedded in a file are exposed for viewing as well as editing. Some products (like Bridge and Premiere Pro) offer 'mini-metadata' panels where this data is also exposed.

As a software developer in a previous incarnation and a photographer in this one I decided to develop a complete set of tools that would add Creative Commons metadata support to the Creative Suite product line, primarily in Photoshop/Bridge and Photoshop Lightroom. After several months of development john bishop images is pleased to announce the Creative Commons XMP FileInfo panel suite for Adobe CS4 and CS5. Development of the Photoshop Lightroom plugin is underway and will be announced here first; stay tuned!

Embedding Creative Commons license metadata for Adobe Creative Software

Adobe Creative Software
Creative Commons XMP FileInfo panel

This comprehensive package places Creative Commons licensing metadata on the same playing field as the standardised, commercial metadata sets like EXIF, DublinCore (DC) and IPTC. It allows Creative Commons license metadata to be embedded in the many file formats used by Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. Also included is a metadata panel definition that exposes the Creative Commons license metadata in the mini metadata panels found in Bridge, Premiere Pro, etc. and finally a set of templates that can be customised for the various license types and more is also included; these templates can also be accessed from Acrobat.

After downloading the Creative Commons suite be sure check out our blog post on how to install this package.

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