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Prior to CS4 a simple text file was all that was needed to create your own FileInfo panels but starting with CS4 these panels are Flash applications.  There are three major pieces to this component:

  1. the Flash based FileInfo XMP panel and it's associated authorization record (both are required),
  2. a set of Creative Commons XMP templates for use within the FileInfo panels (must be personalized), and
  3. the mini-metadata panel definitions that expose Creative Commons metadata in Bridge, Premiere Pro, etc.

Each can be used without the other but together they implement a complete Creative Commons XMP license metadata package.

Download the full package in .zip format. make sure to save the file on your hard drive where you can easily find it later then follow the follow the instructions in the photoshop tools blog post to install each component in it's proper location. If you use the Creative Commons XMP templates there is some personalization required.

UPDATE for Adobe Creative Suite 6

Although originally developed for CS4 and CS5, the Creative Commons XMP FileInfo Panel also supports the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite, Version 6. One important change is the folder the package is installed into. Please check out the latest updates in this blog post.

UPDATE for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 (June, 2014)

On June 18, 2014 Adobe released the 2014 update for Creative Cloud subscribers. With that release Adobe yet again changed the method used to invoke the FileInfo dialog in Photoshop. As such, the current release (1.4.7, 2012-10-27) of the Creative Commons XMP FileInfo panel will not work inside Photoshop CC 2014 from the File/FileInfo menu. However, Bridge still remains at the CS6 release level and this version does work from the File/FileInfo menu. Until I can get a version for Creative Cloud 2014 ready for release, please use Bridge CS6 to get to the current FileInfo panel.

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