These are places where I found inspiration and training in the skills needed to execute that inspiration. People that inspire me, books that inform and teach me, courses on photography and more.

emily carremily carr university was an amazing experience. a structured exploration of digital photography, with a thorough introduction to composition techniques and discovering well known photographers with Kathryn Mussallem, a professional photographer and educator was inspirational.
chris orwigchris orwig teaches at the Brooks Institute School of Photography. I find him a refreshing and gifted photographer as well as a valuable source of inspiration, someone I turn to when I feel like I've lost my way or need a "shot in the arm".
Understanding RAW Photography'Understanding RAW Photography' by Andy Rouse introduced me to camera RAW, the most flexible and forgiving form of digital photography. Andy also introduces the concept of a digital camera RAW workflow, one of the keys to obtaining high quality, consistent results.
Tao of PhotographyDraws upon Taoist teachings to explore the creative and spiritual dimensions of the art of photography. Lucid text and enlightening exercises assure that photographers of all levels will be able to incorporate the lessons of the Tao into their own work.
LightroomPost-processing is to digital photography is as developing is to film photography. Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom is a high performance, high function post-processing and flexible digital asset management tool. These courses have helped me get the most out of this superb tool.

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