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workshop assignment 4 – exposure and shutter speed

In session four we looked at shutter speed as a component of exposure and using shutter speed creatively. Before we get into the assignment for this session I want to revisit the discussion on exposure and ISO and to introduce exposure compensation and histograms. Exposure and ISO We have learned that exposure value (Ev) is ... Read more

workshop session 4 – shutter speed and motion

This is the fourth session in the Introduction to Digital Photography; the workshop met February 24. The topics for session four are: shutter speed, exposure compensation, and histograms Shutter Speed Like aperture, shutter speed has two aspects to come to terms with: shutter speed as a component of exposure, and shutter speed as a creative ... Read more

workshop session 3 – aperture and composition

The third session of the Introduction to Digital Photography workshop met February 10.  Session two’s assignment, white balance, was easily understood and easily completed.   White balance is fairly intuitive and the assignment helped instil a good grasp of the basic concepts. The topics for session three are: aperture, and composition Aperture When we look ... Read more

workshop assignment 2 – white balance

In Assignment two we explore white balance, also know as gray balance, neutral balance, or colour balance. White Balance Once again we run into the man – machine conundrum discussed in the last session.  The human visual system has capabilities and a sensory range that far outstrip modern technology. When we look at a piece of ... Read more

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