john bishop images is the online exposure for my creative journeys, my adventures into digital media including photography, videography and motion graphics as well as the various online, digital platforms that are used to develop and present or publish digital media.

Specialties: web design, social media, photography, videography, Adobe's Creative Cloud, notably Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition.

Positive Living BC is where my social conscious finds expression. 33 years of management experience and training at Simon Fraser University and Telus has given me a unique set of skills with a strong focus on quality and excellence initiatives, project management, team leadership, team building and strategic planning.

My more than 10 years at Positive Living BC, mostly in the executive positions of Treasurer, Vice-chair and Chair, have rounded out my experiences to include advocacy, governance, fund raising and empowerment.

I enjoy helping others succeed. I believe in peer empowerment.

I have ... followed some of John's work and can say that I really admire his unique perspective on his city and cultural surrounding and his technical ability as a photographer. His ability to convey technical aspects of photography and translate that into teaching photography to individuals is really very sharp. He has a down to earth attitude and a keen ability to simply and demystify a lot of information about cameras and photography.

I would work with John again at any given opportunity... He brings true meaning to the words "integrity", "trust" and "dedication". John puts his heart into all that he does and he works so hard to help others. I believe I have never met someone so versatile: he works with finances, is a photographer, a director of a non-profit and is a member of a magazine committee.

Always good to hear from you. Thanks for the well-thought and articulated feedback; your insights have always been valuable to my process, as you know.

John's work ... at [Positive Living] is thorough without being trapped in detail, methodical without being glacially slow, and friendly without being cloying. He works well with a wide variety of people, and is possessed of a keen mind. As a bonus, he is also an accomplished and sensitive photographer.

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