workshop session 8 – the journey continues

The Journey Continues

Session eight was the wrap-up session of the Introduction to Digital Photography workshop.

The assignment for session seven - printing represents a significant milestone along the photographic journey.

Obtaining a successful print can be challenging and often means more than one try. Of the many processes and workflows in digital photography, printing is right up there with composition and digital developing in it's challenges and complexities.

That said, there is something very rewarding to completing the photographic creative process 'end-to-end'.

As a group we choose one of each attendee's print from session seven's assignment - printing; they are shown here.

David M

Mark D

Glen B

Richard M

Click on the images to zoom in.


William C

Keith M

Our host organization has requested some prints for use in a common member area.

Having the opportunity to see your work mounted - in a frame - in a public venue - brings what started with the 'click of the shutter' to completion!

The Journey Continues ...

Here, at the end of the workshop I wanted to open more doors and offer a perspective different from my own.

In resuming my photographic journey I went to Leo's Camera on Granville Street here in downtown Vancouver where I had the good fortune to meet Chris. His knowledge and practical approach have allowed me to experiment with many different aspects of digital photography without having to spend a ton of money. In many ways he has been an instrumental part in the formation of this, my latest realization and is a constant companion and great source of help and guidance.

As I was planning for this workshop I asked Chris if he would come and spend a couple of hours with us to talk about his experiences and his some of his gear. Without hesitation he agreed. His open and friendly manner quickly engaged everyone as he shared some of his work. His tips on tripods and camera mounts have already proven useful. If you live in greater Vancouver, drop by Leo's and look him up. Tell him you heard about him here - he and I would be thrilled.

There are many resources available today, ranging from very helpful and instructive websites (a significant amount of my material was garnered from the web - thanks Google!) to Wikipedia, a great example of an open-source, community supported resource. My links page is a great place to start.

Thank You

There are many people to thank.

  • Jackie Haywood and Richard Harrison at BCPWA for encouraging me to develop this workshop - namaste!
  • To the seven troopers who stuck it out with me - Glen, Keith, Mark, Richard, David, William and Jochi.
  • To my partner who, on top of cheerfully accommodating all my other activities, shuffled his own schedule in support.

I have had several folk ask if I intend on running this workshop again. While there are no current concrete plans, let me know if you are interested.

Thanks again. It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience.


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