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Intro to Digital PhotographyI'm really excited! I have been asked to lead an Introduction To Digital Photography workshop series as part of a healing arts program at a local aids service organization.

The workshop has been developed from a course I took just over a year ago at Emily Carr University Of Art + Design.

Over eight sessions the workshop will explore the art and the science behind digital photography. To keep costs to a minimum, the workshop will make extensive use of free online resources. We will explore how to get the best from your digital camera, how to creating compelling photographs and how to share those images with family and friends. We will look at

  • Digital camera technology topics including file formats, comparing jpeg and raw formats (PEF, NEF, CR2 and DNG), white balance and flash techniques, aperture, shutter speed, exposure and sensitivity, focus settings (auto or manual and auto or centered), and exposure technologies (multi-segment, center weighted, and spot).
  • Composition techniques will include depth of field, point of focus, vanishing point, viewpoint or camera angle, cropping (in-camera and post-processing) strong horizontal, vertical and diagonal, framing, rule of thirds, and field composition.
    The workshop will also explore and discuss well known photographers work (Mark Riboud, Weegee, Ansel Adams and others).
  • Methods of sharing your photography with family and friends will also be explored, including Google Picasa, Flickr, blurb, and printing houses (Costco, London Drugs, etc.).
  • And more.

There is a lot to cover so I'm using my blog as an online resource for the workshop. Starting January 13, 2010, I'll be presenting the material here as well as at the workshop. We will go into greater detail here and also provide workshop references for links to online and print resources.

So if you can't be part of the workshop in person, hang with us here and we'll share this journey together. By the end of the workshop my blog will be a good starting point for those just starting out. It should be fun!


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